My family sessions are a showcase of connections

between your family, capturing your love for each other but not losing the individual uniqueness of each other within the family dynamic.


I'm here to capture the joy of a family being together - I want to capture the LOVE while still being mindful of creating an artfully looking images that you'll be proud to hang on your walls. 


During your session, I'll be  photographing your playful sides, while laughing, cuddling and interacting and simply being present as a family. I love meeting new people and will endeavour to make you feel as relaxed as possible for your session!



I prefer to encourage my clients to just be with each other and give plenty of directions rather than requiring them to hold a specific pose, which often comes off looking awkward

​As a parent, I also understand that working with children does not always go as planned and as a result, I'm very patient and understanding with my clients, when it comes to their session and I am happy to be creative and go beyond your expectations to capture the right shots. Whether it is to play silly games or pull some  funny faces :)


I guide you on the way of choosing the right location considering the light and time of the year. I offer a handful of tested outdoor and indoor locations and of course happy to come to you to comfort of your own home. 


Along a simple styling quite that offers a useful tips on how to choose your family outfits for the session, I  also offer an access to my client's wardrobe which     offer a variety of female and children clothing that will be available to use for your session.

"Oh Martina this is amazing! My mom is all emotional! The photos are brilliant - I love them all!"