HI, I'm Martina and most of my professional life has always revolved around camera.

Before moving behind the lens, I spent more than 20 years working as a model in the fashion industry,

living around the world from Europe to Asia to North America.

I learnt from some of the top photographers in the industry while spending thousands of hours in studios and amazing locations around the world doing professional shoots with supposedly all the ingredients in place to create the perfect picture: great lighting, the best cameras and equipment, glamorous clothes, hair and makeup. I learned everything possible to create that perfect scene and

I'm truly grateful for that. 

I believe it is because of those experiences that it has made me into the photographer that I am today and being able to take my lived experience in front of the camera and translate that into the images

I create as a photographer.

My true passion for being behind the camera came alive with raising  my own two children and realising that I was hardly in the photos with them because I was always the one taking them.

( Except for a few selfies and couple of other pictures in my sweats that were taken upon a nudge

by my husband ( bless him!:)).

Bringing my own children up also made me realise how precious our time together is and how these sweet moments of being together often become a memory only thanks to the photographs. To me seeing myself with my children and for them to have that memory forever is everything. 


So I started to take photos of my friends with their children while further educating myself in photography through The photography institute and other various workshops.

Word had spread quickly and before I knew it I became one of the busiest photographers in Hong Kong for newborn and family photography.

Now that I found myself in England I would like to offer the same high quality service to families that seek that extra personal touch. I don't like to rush my sessions and pose my clients for a quick shot.

Instead I like to take my time and get to know people a little and spend enough time to be a observer

to enable to capture those true authentic moments.

When I'm not photographing or thinking about my next project, you can find me walking and exploring in nature with my husband and kids, doing yoga, enjoying a glass of wine or cooking something interesting for my family and friends.

If you made it this far reading about me, I believe maybe it is time we meet in person :)

Have a lovely day,




I pride myself in creating relaxed and friendly environment while making YOU feel amazing,


a very natural and organic feel to my photography. 


To me the magic is in connection in between people and similarly translate into a passion for what people do with my branding photography. I strive to capture and translate in the most artful way into my images.

Encorporating style that resonates with you and creating photos that will be cherished for generations.


With all my experience with professionally staged shoots I often felt that something was missing and I therefore focus on lifestyle photography with predominantly natural light.​

I strive to create a very natural and organic feel to my photography. 


the shared magic that makes a family; the little exchanges and interactions that you may not even appreciate as being the unique and special qualities of your relationship with each other. When you see them, creatively, compassionately held forever in a perfect portfolio, I promise you will be delighted.

The fleeting moments of love that bind a family together. 

Private moments of tenderness. 

Endless joy. 

The bliss of watching your newborn sleep. 

Tiny fingers and toes curling up.

The look of immeasurable love that only parents can have for their child. 

The heart energy of a family lighting up the room.

You just being you.

I take my profession as a photographer as a
profound honour and privilege and I could not be more passionate about what I do.

absolutelly LOVE my job and I will go beyond expectations to achieve the best possible



If you 'd like to chat more about YOUR specific project or have any questions, please get in touch!

I'd love to connect :)