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Hi, I'm Martina, a photographer and mother based in Horsham, West Sussex.


Most of my professional life has revolved around the camera. I spent more than 20 years working as a model in the fashion industry, travelling the world from Europe to Asia to North America. During that time, I learned from some of the top photographers in the industry. Learning about the importance of lighting, the best cameras and equipment, clothes, hair, and make-up. I have spent literally thousands of hours in studios and amazing locations working on professional shoots.


That experience shaped me as a photographer, but it’s not what motivated me to move behind the lens. My motivation comes from raising my family and realising how precious our time together is. 


I have no photographs of me with the children during their early life because I was always the person taking the pictures. Those sweet moments of being together are often just a memory, but those memories can be captured and immortalized thanks to photography. 


It started as a hobby, taking candid photos of friends with their children. And then I began to educate myself studying photography and honing my craft. Before long, I became one of the busiest photographers for newborn and family photography in Hong Kong, where I was based until recently.


Since then, I have moved my family, and my business to West Sussex. A huge change for all of us but one that we have embraced. I’m enjoying experimenting with the different light here and the change in seasons, but one thing that hasn’t changed, is my desire to provide families with a personal touch. 


Photography is an experience, it shouldn’t be posed, it should never be rushed. I like to capture authentic moments.


I take those key ingredients learned from my career as a model and adapt them to suit a more intimate environment working with families, newborns and mothers.


When I'm not taking pictures or thinking about my next project, you can find me walking and exploring in nature with my husband and children, practicing yoga or experimenting in the kitchen.


Now that you’ve learned my life story, perhaps it’s time we meet in person so that I can find out more about you? 


Get in touch with me today, and let’s start capturing those magical moments.




Martina is so passionate about capturing those truly special moments and does it in such a natural way.

- Tumshie W.

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